This site collects my activism, writing and acting work together in one place and offers ways to access it and work with me.

I hope that people, especially girls and women, look at this site and feel encouraged to start or continue to express their artistic selves freely and take direct action for justice and peace in their communities and around the world.

“It’s not ‘someone else’ who does the important work in the world – it’s you. And it’s me. Together we change the world every day. Let’s do it in the most open, heartfelt, honest, sexy, funny and creative way possible…”

(I’ll repeat that for emphasis on the Beeb…)


Advice on how to plan an effective political action 

The Journey In and the Journey Out blog  

Radio show Grassroots Takeover


I hope you find this site useful. Feel free to contact me.


P.S. For fuck’s sake Free Gaza