A blog all of my own! A brief hello…

Having been blogging away professionally for quite some time now, I thought the time had come to create a blog all of my own…so here it is.

In discussing the point of existence recently with a good friend of mine, he suggested that the fundamentals of life were: 1) Coming ever more immediately into presence, awareness and availability in the moment, 2) Service to others, 3) Joy and pleasure. I said: I’ll take all three. Work hard, play hard, get a bit stressed – that’s my basic modus operandi. But as many of us know we must change from the inside in order to effect any change in the outside world, so I’m spending more and more time meditating and examining my inner world as I grow out into the world at large through art and activism. The journey in and the journey out are proving both long and bumpy, but I’m encouraging myself and am encouraged to seek – no seeking, more allowing – an emphasis on gentleness, kindness and groundedness amongst the maelstrom worlds which are politics and art…not to mention family.

Life feels full of love, excitement and possibility, unless I’m in a foul mood in which case it feels full of twats and bullshit. I tend to write very honestly and to share experiences so this blog is likely to be fairly uncensored – hopefully it will amuse and sometimes inspire. Likely themes: Activism, peace, love, sex, acting, meditation, friendship, money, family…for all my recent gossip and updates take a look at my ABOUT page where I’ve written a little potted history.

Love to all, I hope you enjoy this blog as it develops over the coming months, and please comment away if you feel moved to do so. Love, Ali xxx


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