“I hope that (especially) girls and young women look at this site and feel encouraged to start or continue to express their artistic selves freely and take direct action for justice and peace in their communities and around the world.”

As I write it’s December 2012…so let’s start with the most recent stuff…

Two big firsts this year:

1 -My first full-length play as a writer ‘Longhairman’s Wife’ by Alison Playford was shown at Theatre Royal, Stratford East in February as part of the Angelic Tales Festival directed by Rikki Beadle-Blair. I also played the lead role.

2- I initiated the ‘St Paul’s 4’ chain gang direct action (October 2012) in support of Occupy London where a group of women chained themselves to the pulpit at St Paul’s cathedral to protest against government austerity measures and the complicity of the cathedral in supporting the City Of London against Occupy in court.

Both of these are interesting events for me as continuing to write plays and taking an ever more proactive role in maneuvering for social change are high priorities as we move into 2013.

Also this year: continuing to build my profile as a professional blogger, which has led me to create this blog – I thought I should have one of my own and not just my clients’! To commission blogs email me on alisonplayford@rocketmail.com or view blog profile here – usual professional blog subjects including sex, politics and culture.

Personally this year, I continue to work and play with my lovely but very bonkers family, especially in learning to adapt to and communicate about our various levels of manic depression and helping to care for my niece Megan and nephew Bob.

2012 has also been a departure for me in being single for the first time in my life since the age of 16 (I’m now 34!) and the challenges and shenanigans that that has brought…

Highlights from the last few years include living at St Paul’s Cathedral as an Occupier with Occupy London,  my journey through Egypt on the Gaza Freedom march with regular co-conspirator and BFF Mr Ian Chamberlain of the Stop the War Coalition, time spent in Palestine, acting work with Emma Thompson and The Helen Bamber Foundation on The Journey Against Sex Trafficking, and many other films and plays. For acting CV see Spotlight. Another great interest of mine that has developed over the last few years has been meditation, with 7 long silent retreats in the last three years. If I go on retreat, hold onto your hat…I’m gestating something.

This time in my life feels like a great time of change, struggle, opportunity and blossoming, so I should think this blog will capture an eye-opening part of my development in life, love and work – just as the political and cultural climate goes through a similar turbulence – it’s all a mirror! …Love, Ali xxx


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