As an activist I have worked in: London – with groups including OccupyEgypt – on the Gaza Freedom MarchPalestine – with non-violent resistance groups. 

Why? The heartbeat that pumps through these diverse projects (economic/environmental justice/peace work etc) is the friendships, laughter, tears, adventures, learning, fear and pure bonkersness of participating in grassroots activism work – which history shows us is the way to gradually level the playing field and create a more just and happy world. Civil rights? Feminism? Equal marriage? Hooray! Let’s carry on… I also know that what’s on the outside reflects what’s on the inside – this is why my blog is called The Journey In and the Journey Out. Peace is the path not the destination – and it goes in both directions. 

Videos and gallery

Occupying on the Daily Politics 04/06/13 – calling for direct action to save the NHS and Welfare State

In 2012 four Occupy women chained themselves to the pulpit of St Paul’s Cathedral, bringing together key elements of my thinking about how to create impactful actions – advice on how to create similar work is here. This eventually resulted in a very good relationship being established with some at St Paul’s and actions are following, for instance:

Statement outside St Paul’s after chain protest: